Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Baidu Movie Has A New Face (9/12/05)

Baidu Movie has "makeover", targeting the overall internet video service market.

As the moon festival(Sep. 18) getting closer, as a gift to new and old loyal customers, the world's largest Chinese search engine, Baidu has formally introduced it's new user interface of online. It is an much improved interactive interface. According to sources, the introduction of this new interface is the first strategic step of Baidu's series of video services. The final goal is to be the top brand in internet video service.

As one of the very few paid services from Baidu, it has attracted people's attention since it's announcement. The evergrowing list of video content providers, and optimization of broadcasting effects have been a daily "bodybuilding". Serious effort on scientific research of user experiences provided reliable data for this upgrade.

The general manager of Baidu's user feedback group said: "A customer friendly product must go through continuous improvements and innovations. I think there are basically three categories: Commercial innovations, technical innovations as well as user experience innovations. As one of the step toward imporving user experience, we have totally renewed the user interface and overall package. We are working hard to provide the best interactive interface for our users."


At current time, there is almost nowhere to find a movie theater in many small and medium cities in China. TV and DVDs has replaced theaters for long time.


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