Monday, March 06, 2006

Number of large online advertisers up 6.5 fold

Mar. 7, 2006 from iResearch:

Updated data from iResearch showes that, there are 474 online advertisers with spending over one million yuan. It is at historical high. Comparing with year 2001 when the online advertisement started to take off, the number of large online advertisers has grown by 6.5 fold over the five years.

The huge number of online citizens has supported the rapid growth of the online advertising market. According to CNNIC data, the number of Chinese online has grown 140 times over the last 7 years. It has reached 110 million by the end of 2005 and become the second largest online population after the US. As the number of online users growing rapidly, the online advertising market is also taking off. iResearch data indicated that, in year 2001, the online advertising market was only 410 million yuan. By year of 2005, the market has reached 3.13 billion yuan. The size of the market has gone up 7 fold in the last five years.
The iReseach figure shows the number of online advertisers
with spending over one million yuan for the last five years

The high growth of the Chinese advertising market is attracting more advertisers with more money. According to iResearch, the number of main stream media advertisers was 3418 in year 2005, an increase of 213 over year of 2004, or 6.6% year over year. The number of large advertisers with spending over one million yuan was 474, a dramatic increase of 57.5% over last year's 301. Businesses have clearly increased their online budget. Online advertisements have taken more important roles for business marketing.

It is predicted, as the continuous development of the online market growth in China, Businesses will continue to increase their online marketing budget.

Chinese Link to iResearch report


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