Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nasdaq Forum on China (9/13/05)

Nasdaq Forum on China scheduled on 26th, will be exclusive internet media provider

Sina Tech report- Nasdaq Forum on China is scheduled on Sept. 26th in Beijing. The sponsors are Nasdaq Market and China International Financial Forum. will exclusively provide internet media services for the meeting.

Brief introduction to the Nasdaq China Forum:

1. Organizations:

Sponsors: Nasdaq Market, China International Financial Forum

Participants: China Entrepreneur Magazine, China Securities Journal, Securities Daily

Exclusive Media Provider:

Host: WorldCN (International Financial Conference & Exhibition)

2. Background:

The strong market performance of Google again brings a strong wave of internet investment in the world. Baidu successfully listed on Nasdaq with a $4 billion market value and became the best IPO in the US in last five years. Alibaba has bought the whole China businesses of Yahoo. The China concept has again become the hottest investments in the world capital market.

During 2004 to 2005, reforms of China's large government owned enterprises have entered a critical phase. Many successfully reformed medium-to-large government owned companies, especially in the financial services area, such as Bank of China, Construction Bank, will soon enter mainstream internal capital markets.

The Nasdaq Market sponsored, Reform Committee of State Council, Hongyu Group, China Entrepreneur Magazine, and jointly supported, Nasdaq China Forum will be held in Beijing on Sept. 26, 2005. Excutives from over one hundred of high tech companies, private high growth companies as well as medium and large government owned enterprises will attend this meeting.

3. Briefs

Time: Sept. 26, 2006(Monday), Beijing Xinhewan, Beijing, China
Theme: Discussion forum for listing on Nasdaq, the crib for China's new wealth
Size: About 150 people
Who: Top executives and media representatives

4. Schedule (omitted)

Special guests will include:

Lawrence Pan, President of China Operations of Nasdaq Market
Robin Li, CEO of Baidu
Tianqiao Chen, CEO of Shanda
William Ding, Chief Architect of Netease
Yan Wang, CEO of
Yan Yen, President of Softbank

and representative from prospective IPO candidates.


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