Monday, April 10, 2006

Baidu Launches "Public Benefit" Page

Apr. 10, 2006 Baidu launched "Public Benefits" page at

The new service started with sections spread from charitable activities of many celebrities as well as fan clubs, discussion board on public affairs on charity and environmental issues, kids and education, as well as a section of links to many charitable organizations and environmental organizations.

Baidu's vice president of marketing, Liang Dong emphasized that Baidu is a company keen on public benefits. To start this new service, Baidu hopes to use it as a platform to combine the power of the stars with that of the public benefit organizations, individual enthusists, to use it as a multi-dimensional communications platform to improve the development of managements of public benefits.

If successful, "Baidu intends to become the world's largest web platform of public benefits in terms of traffic".


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