Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Baidu Starts Golden Week

Baidu is promoting a travel sweepstakes from Apr 15 to May 15. Top 10 voted best "family travel strategies" will be awarded.

Every year, Chinese take a week long national vacation around May 1. It is designed for promoting domestic consumption especially tourism. The week long vacations have become fantastic periods for businesses in travel and restaurant industries and so acquired it's name: Golden Week.

Most of the Chinese travellers are aged around 25 to 45 according to China National Tourism Agency. Many elders are opted to stay home to avoid the crowded places.

Baidu is hoping to use this activity to get the elders involved in choosing tourist strategies that would be suitable for the whole family including the elders. The winners will be awarded free trips for the whole families.

Of course, Baidu is also hoping to attract more net users to search travel related information on Baidu. The travel industry has been a big customer for Baidu's search marketing business.

Both C-trip and Ebay will be participating in the promotion activity.


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