Monday, July 03, 2006

Baidu World to open on July 13

Beijing, July 3

The world's leading Chinese search service provider, Baidu announced that, " 2006 Baidu World" will be held in Beijing on July 13. It will be Baidu's first largest scale and highest level conference focused on the many users and customers as well partners. Baidu will use the oppertunity to showcase all the innovative technologies, products, services and business models to to further build strategic relationships with Baidu's value chains.

2006 Baidu World will have a central theme of "The world starts from you". Many forums and communications will be centered the web search topics. The conference will explain why web search is the major way of obtaining information from multiple angels. It will demonstrate the tremendous value of web search from information involving daily life, entertainment as well as commercial oppertunities. Many spot lights of the conference have alread attracted attentions industrywide.

Spot light 1: Showcase how search has changed people's lives

Spot light 2: Highest level of search tech forums

Spot light 3: Most innovative search marketing business

Spot light 4: Most expected webmaster forum

Spotlight 5: The largest web alliance

Spotlight 6: The most influential industry collaborations

Source: Baidu


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