Monday, June 19, 2006

Baidu Teams Up With SMG To Develop IPTV Contents

June 19, Shanghai - Baidu and Shanghai Media Group signed agreeement of overall collabration on developing contents for IPTV. Shanghai Media Group is one of the largest media group as well as the earliest IPTV operator in China.

According to the agreement, Baidu Zhidao, the famous commnuity based knowledge search service will be applied to SMG's IPTV platform. As the leading Chinese search engine, Baidu will also help SMG to develop a series search related services based on the IPTV platform.

"Baidu aims to provide the fastest and easiest way to acquire information for users. Our hope is that users will be able to use various Baidu search services not only from PC, but also from wide range of digital home terminals" said Liang Dong, Baidu's vice president of public relationship. "in IPTV area, SMG is the pioneer as well as the heavist investor with the most extensive experiences. We are proud to be able to work with SMG, to extend web contents to IPTV and to promote the development of related contents as well as technologies in China."

"IPTV, content is the king. SMG is always trying to take advantages of the interactive way of IPTV to provide more and better contents for our audiences" said Zhang Dazhong, SMG's vice president. "Baidu is a new media company built up on technologies. Every search result page is resulted from interaction with users. 'Baidu Zhidao' is a knowledge area produced by community interactions. Our collaboration with Baidu is based on their experiences with search technologies, management and development of interactive contents."

Baidu and SMG jointly annnouced that they will further expand their market promotions to bring their collaboration also to other partners including equipment manufactures and telecom operators, and to further grow the eco-system.

translated from prnewswire(chinese)


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