Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's the input, stupid!

Google.China announced their newest update on their pinyin Chinese input system today. The version makes input of Chinese characters into the search window even faster and easier.

It is the fourth update in just 25 days.

The controversy between Sohu and Google on Google's using part of Sogou's library is gradually dying down. The new input method is very well received with many users perceived it as better than Sogou's system.

As both hardware and software of computer systems improving rapidly in recent years, the lacking of a convenient Chinese input system has remained probably the biggest time limiting factor for internet users in China.

Baidu continues to stay away from adopting a new input system. But how much longer before it's too late?

We know the fortune of Google is due in large to the user's preference of searching a simple keyword rather than typing in a long url. Google's success is not just based on how relevant their results are but also on how quick the results come out since they take literally no time( a fraction of one second, almost every time).

Baidu must realize this dramatic change in user behavior and act fast.


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