Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baidu Hikes "Hiers" Happier

According to a ccidNet report(in Chinese), Baidu announced that the capacity of personal album in it's blog service, hi.baidu(also called baidu kongjian or baidu space), to 1GB from 100MB.

The move makes hi.baidu one of the largest personal album service on the web. To make the users (whom are called "hiers") even happier, Baidu also lift up the size limit of single photo upload to 3MB from 500K without need of file compression.

According to Baidu, the number of photos uploaded on to the hi.baidu blog servers are quadrupling of number of posts uploaded. The upgrade is to "better meet users demand".

Since hi.baidu went to live one year ago, the service has undergone 121 upgrades. Many personalized and interactive features were added. Such as kongjian search, people search, newest visitors, and friends online. Baidu also added WAP version to make wireless access much easier.

Earlier this year, Baidu has placed the hi.baidu service on the prominent position on it's home page right underneath the search window. The unusual focus on the blogging service means Baidu intended to make it one of the core services that bounds the communities together around the search engine. The three horses of hi.baidu, post.baidu, and zhidao.baidu services form a solid foundation for Baidu to further explore new models of commercialization.


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