Saturday, September 17, 2005

Netease Beta-testing the Next Big Hit

Netease created it's biggest hit in Menghuan Xiyou(dreaming journey to the west) based on the ancient Chinese novel "Journey to the West". At one time, there were over 580, 000 players playing the multiple-player interactive online game at the same time.

Here is the underwater ocean scene of the game. The game also sprouts out many online clubs, and makings of souvenirs and toys. In a recent holiday, one episode again broke the record, attracted 788,000 online players at one moment.

Dahua Xiyou II also based on the novel "Journey to the West" and a Hongkong movie series proved to be another huge hit. The DHXY II hits more than 510,000 online players at one time.

Now, Netease has started public testing of the next big hit Datang (The Superpower of Tang Dynasty)

It has already produced a frenzy among online game players in China. Netease hope to have formal beta-testing in the middle of next month. It will be another huge holiday release near Chinese New Year for Netease, many expected.

Netease has earned almost 90% of their bottom line from the online gaming services. The online games also had a huge gross margin of slightly over 90% in last quarter. The company's stock is listed on Nasdaq Market. It has taken off since the begining of 2002 and has doubled in value in last 12 months. It continues to climb in recent days on speculation that Google may pursue the company using cash from their latest secondary offering.
This is another captured scene in Menghuanxiyou showing splendid 3D graphics and real time actions played by online game lovers.


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