Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Baidu's Weather Service

10-12-05: World's largest Chinese search enginge Baidu( with China Central Meteorology Station(China's largest meteorology service) ,formally started to provide weather information services.

Came back from week long National Day holidays, white collar workers started to "Baidu Yixia". When entering "weather in Fuzhou", or "Xiamen weather" to find out "working weather", the search results poped out quickly and clearly such as "Fuzhou, cloudy, high 28C, low 21C, low winds".

According to search experts, weather service is a good strategy for Baidu to bring search into people's daily life. The main goal is to make Baidu a "simple and reliable" living assistant.

Regarding the weather service online, Baidu's chief architect Jun Yu said that, "It is similar to map.Baidu service, we are trying to accommodate our users in everyway. We design our products according to user's language instead of forcing users to learn the boring grammers.

For example, Yu said, our A to B measurement on our map service has won praises. Some critics say it is only a trick to appease users. While I would say, we will find many more "tricks" to please our users. It's also our future since we regard every net user as our god.

Other person from Baidu also revealed that, web search page as the main product of Baidu, will have more and more functions that does not require users to learn and remember similar to the weather queries.

Zi Yang from Southeast Express


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