Monday, October 03, 2005

Perfect World - 2

Continue on the topic of next tech hit from China, we now look at why Perfect World is on the way to the stars.

The game itself worths a good look at.

According to Perfect World, the game have five world class innovations:

1. 16:9 digital widescreen experience

16:9 widescreen, high definition display.
Perfect World changed traditional screen coverage of 4:3 ratio. The new 16:9 display model increased horizonal view to give players wider views in the limited screen space. The game scenes covered the whole 16:9 space. The new game model brings stronger visual effects, Combining with high quality background, it makes a virtual reality feeling for players.

2. Fashionable, pretty, sexy costume series

Fashion is becoming a necessity in our modern lives. To display a perfect image of self is also a goal for many. "Perfect World" courageously created another world-class innovation--fashion system. It provides a variety of trendy, modern, pretty, and sexy costumes to decorate a player's gaming life. It will contribute to the effort for creating a nice pleasant gaming culture.

3. Thousands of variations and combinations make self-image-definition realistic

Beauty or handsome, skinny or bucky, whatever you want yourself be, the "Perfect World" will help you out with great details to make you into a dreamed self. It can create a fully confident self to display your true attractions.

(guess who? The girl on the right in the picture is coming out on the cover of this week's Time magazine)

4. Extra large seamless moving background

"Perfect World" is the most innovative, domestic produced online game based on world-clase Element 3D gaming engine. Not only elegant, but also seamlessly connected, the maps of scenes give players a true 3D universe. It not only provides a wonderful feeling of fight the enemy to nowhere to hide, but also provides a sweet feeling of flying around the blue sky and reaching every place in the world.

The log on screen

5. "Friends Connection"(IM) breaks barriers between player friends

Online games will be more interesting when friends can play together. A communication system is necessary for a successful online game. Convenience and effectiveness are standards to judge a good communication system. "Perfect World" provides a tool similar to an instant messenger. Players can use this system to search relative information of player friends, pre-set alerts to friends, and store conversations for future reference.

(to be continued)


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