Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Put Numbers in Perspective

Company Baidu

* Total revenues increased to $8.4 million, representing a 52.6% growth from the previous quarter and a 188.6% growth from the corresponding year in year earlier.

* Net income increased to $1.5 million, representing a 381.8% growth from the previous quarter and a 625.5% growth from the corresponding period in Year earlier.

* The number of active online marketing customers increased to 41,248, representing a 29.8% growth from the previous quarter and a 142.6% growth from the corresponding period in year earlier.

Economy is still growing at an average of 9% per year.

Company Baby Yahoo:

* Total revenues increased to $5.5 million,representing a 68% growth from the previous quarter.

* Net loss for the quarter was $1.1 million, comparing with net loss of previous quarter of 1.4 million.

* The number of active online advertisers increased to 340, up from the previous quarter of 230.

Economy has been growing at an average of < 3% per year for the next 9 years.

During the following quarter, Company Yahoo reported following results (a big holiday quarter):

*Total revenue increased to $8,551,000 for the fourth quarter, a 55% increase over revenues of $5,515,000 reported in the third quarter.

*Net income for the quarter was $96,000 or $0.00 per share, compared to a net loss of $1,145,000 or $0.04 per share in the third quarter.

*Advertiser base increased to 550, compared to 340 advertisers in the previous quarter.

Company Yahoo's stock started taking off after this report and ran up 100 fold or 10,000% in the next three years on average of 460% annual return

Let's watch how company Baidu will do a quarter following next!


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