Saturday, October 15, 2005

Searching for Baidu Star

Baidu fighting for top talents, searching Baidu Star nationwide
The final competition of Baidu Star. The students are concerntrating
on program designs

October 15, the widely watched "Baidu Star Programming Competition" enters it's final race. Fifty-seven programmers selected from 27 top colleges nationwide are gethering in Beijing. They are dashing for the champion of programming design and an automatic berth to a job at Baidu.

At 9 am, the competition has started and will last 3 hours. Formal result will be announced on the 16th.
Wenbin Tang is the only high schooler selected to the final.
One foreign student has also entered the final.

Baidu's general manager of HR, Linming Lu said that, Baidu is using this competition to enrich the "Baidu talent pool". Through the competition, Baidu can get early contacts with the targeted student base. Baidu's staff members has been very patient in answering questions left by the many missed-outs. Baidu will also keep close contact with the top 300 who have entered the online finals. "In the future campus recruiting activities, Baidu will always reach out to them."
Baidu staff share a moment with final participants at Summer Palace in Beijing
Ying Li from Beijing Technology University said after the competition that herself enjoys algorithm and programming very much. It's a lifetime experience to have competed with so many nationwide super tallents in this competition. She said that she is in third year of her graduate study and will face the challenge of selecting a job. Baidu has been very focused on technology development and has been up on the front edge of the internet. It is a very desired place for many of her shoolmates and herself.

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