Sunday, October 16, 2005

Shanda to release EZ Station tommorrow

Shanda's plan to release "Shanda Box" by year end has moved way ahead of time. According to Netease's business report, Shanda will release the box tommorrow (Oct. 18 Beijing time) at the International Communication Forum to be held in Beijing.

According to sources from Shanda, Shanda box has formally named "broadband entertainment computer" EZ Station. Decision also made on final description: "Based on Intel architechture, with 3C integration, platform between television and broadband, 'broadband entertainment computer' EZ Station, the widely expected Shanda Box". However, the Shanda source did not reveal the price on the Shanda box. (rumored to be around 3000 yuan or $370 dollars)
Models are showing the Shanda Mini
According to sources, Shanda will also release two other products at the same time: One is the EZPod, which can upgrade a PC into a multi-function platform for interactive entertainment. The second one is EZMini which is a handheld device with multiple functions of entertainment.

The three products are all based on Shanda's common broadband entertainment web service platform, certification, payment, and sales systems. The release of these three product lines is pushing the giant Shanda based on the integration of TV, PC, and wireless platforms up on the center stage.

Jiangbo Yang from Netease Tech Report


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