Saturday, April 29, 2006

Now, Baidu got to be scared

The following is the translation from a Chinese article: (guess by who? the Google translator!)

Search a situation three strong competitive rivalry match staged Http:// April 29, 2006

In the Harley lovers around the world for the "Harley Porter and Huoyanbei" Almost three strong rivalry match was crazy, in the real world can have the same witness a new world of the three-strong rivalry -- three tycoon meet Chinese search competitive rivalry match. Strong in the first three search area is a move lower, but Google depth technical strength is not our immediate heavy checking. Immediately ahead, Yahoo's reintegration allowing two strong expectation. The second half of 2005, the big M & As Yahoo China with the search integration. Avoid the Yahoo search seven years after the return of the market moves again, let us remember the "magic return" of the mighty scene. Yahoo and the big achievement for some Zhulianbihe marriage. This successful outcome to the three strong competition match Yahoo, a rival more stable than the other two systems to support their development.

Since the completion of Yahoo attitude of the Chinese acquisition, Yahoo will take a series of important measures for market share. Last September, Yahoo announced that it would invest 110 million yuan in 2006 for the new Yahoo marketing department as the highest in the history of advertising. At the same time, Yahoo also its content portal carried out a bold streamlining its content more professional understanding, the search for a comprehensive focus on the core business strengths. In January this year, Yahoo search on line new knowledge, Yahoo Star activities in a nationwide search, 3721 is the opening of a new big name network network brand name. A series of big market moves higher, it will rise rapidly falling price of Yahoo search rankings also increase. Especially with the big integrated resources to possess large quantities of high-quality high-end core business customers known to the Yahoo client resources in the more prominent advantages : 9 million big B2B commerce members, 10 million Taobaowang registered Member : : Member of the existence of these means that Yahoo already has a number of the alarming number of network marketing quality clients. At the same time, relying on the huge platform partners, Yahoo search power for business users with a comprehensive marketing environment, and to target customers with comprehensive, professional marketing services. These advantages as Yahoo dare to search for strong competitive market capital.

With major competitive products in the market, continuously detailed search products and services into three dominant imperative. However, through further analysis, Yahoo Search unique competitive advantages soon manifest : First, double-Search (station search and column addresses search), provide users with a flexible double-entry, access to information and business users the opportunity to display information are manifold increase. Second, users of high quality, survey Yahoo search users mostly white-collar class, a larger commercial value.

In the promotion level Yahoo is no. Since last November, Yahoo launched the national "e-commerce 10,000 for training activities," designed to search for technology-based electronic commerce platform and marketing services. This level of e-commerce for clients to go, but quickly upgraded Yahoo relevant operational influence and visibility. One customer in that Yahoo search for the enormous commercial power after the return has said that Yahoo Search is the most competitive commercial value marketing tool.

Source : Chinese hi-tech industries Monitor

Not joking about the fact that Google translated Baidu into "lower", but the fact that the passages are so close to be readable. In fact, it is shocking how Google has created this translator that can translate Chinese which often use opposite grammers as English to this highly readable level.

Mary Meeker has previously talked about this instant translator that could threaten Baidu. I can see a even large threat if this thing getting even better in the future, that Google could possibly index Chinese using translated English context, that would create an unsurmountable advantage over Baidu.

Robin Li must rethink his prediction that Baidu would eliminate Google in five years!


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