Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Baidu and IBM Signed Agreement to Explore Desktop Search

May 16 from Chinabyte

Baidu and IBM has signed an agreement of technological collaboration to jointly explore in the area of desktop search. The agreement also calls for collaboration in multiple fronts to bring enhanced values to customers.

The collaboration will be carried by IBM's China Research Lab and Baidu to integrate Baidu's DesktopSearch with IBM's Lotus Notes. The project will help users to quickly find out information from very large volume of data and will greatly enhance data communications for businesses.

Baidu's CTO Jiangguo Liu said that: "Baidu DesktopSearch is the first Chinese-English dual language search tool. It uses the world leading Chinese seach engine to bring internet search to desktop. It can help user with searches for all the commonly used document types and sure will enhance efficiency within enterprises. Baidu DesktopSearch has been very well received by users and has also won industry prizes. IBM is the largest global provider of business information management systems. It is leading in platform, basic software, contents management and software services. Our joint effort will provide business users fast and convenient way to obtain information. It will promote the share of information and collaboration within businesses".



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