Sunday, May 14, 2006

Do no evil?

Dozens of reports in China again are putting Google in the eye of a hurricane. Many with a title like :Horrible, Guge is full of sex!

Ever since Google changed it's name to be a good "Chinese Citizen" Guge, it is being put right under a microscope because many people are just curious to see "what is under the skin?"

Questions are now pouring into office with "Why search on Guge found 250 million more pages on sex than"

The only thing Google's China president Johnny Chou can say is that "we are improving and will continue to improve".

Google is falling into the trap almost exactly with which Yahoo.China is being diminished.

Most ridiculous thing is the unspoken fact that sex is more widespread here than other parts of the world nowadays. Is there anyone(gentleman) who has not received an offering call right after he checks-in in a hotel room? Most Chinese know exactly the fact there are widespread corruption that sex services are becoming regular way to bribe many government officials. We know one of the vice-chairman in Chinese Congress was brought down by that. We know the vice-minister of Chinese Public Security was brought down by that.

So what's the big deal? Well, it's the moto "do no evil"!


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