Thursday, July 13, 2006

Baidu Fills Baidu World With Space And Advertises

July 13

In the opening day of Baidu World, Baidu announced major new products and services such as Baidu Kongjian(means space) named and targeted advertising.

Baidu World conference targets Baidu's search marketing customers as well as partners. is similar to MSN Space. Baidu intends to take market shares from MSN Spaces due the latter's slow speed and instable service.

According to Baidu official information, Baidu Accurate Marketing is a targeted advertising service based on analysis of internet users' behaviors. It connects advertisers with their intended audiences with accurate targeting. Currently, Baidu obtains over 90% revenue from auctioned search ranking services. Baidu hopes to use the targeted marketing service to enrich it's product line. However, internet users could be offended by the service, thinking their privacy may be at risk. Google has attracted plenty of criticism of privacy invasion outside China.

It is also worthy to mention that, Baidu has just cut it's enterprise software division and layed off most of divisional employees.

Yesterday, Baidu also announced alliances with Shanghai Media Group, Tianjin Netcom, Shanghai Bell/Alcatel, as well as a few other companies.



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