Tuesday, July 18, 2006

China's E-commerce Will Break One Trillion Mark

Xinhua News July 18 Beijing

China's famed research institute CCIDNet revealed that, last year, China's e-commerce surpassed 700 billion yuan last year. This year, it is predicted to break the one trillion yuan mark. (roughly 8 yuan = 1 US dollar at present time).

According to the report which published in 2006 Chinese E-Commerce Summit, China's e-commerce revenue has kept a 50-60% annual growth rate in the last two years. It also predicted the fast paced growth will continue for the next few years.

China's internet users reached 110 million. Broadband coverage passed 44.5%. There are 40 million computers connected with broadband.

"The data indicates China has acquired the foundamental web infrastructures and also maturing e-commerce infrastructures." said associate general manager of CCIDnet's e-commerce division.

Source: Chinese jfdaily.com


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