Saturday, September 09, 2006

Maverick Treasure Hunters

Baidu and Ebay/Each annouced that they will start a new cobranding activity in China, named "Maverick Treasure Hunters".

The activity clearly is a move against their common enemy, Alibaba/Yahoo. In the ecommerce area, Ebay/Each is facing challenge from Alibaba's Taobao, and in the search area, Baidu is fighting with Yahoo.

There is not the first time the two companies joined hand in branding activities. Previously, Baidu and Ebay/Each have participated in a charitable event jointly for branding actitivy.

Ebay's spokesman said the event will be challenging and fun for combining search and online purchase activities.

Baidu' s spokesman said as leaders in search and online commerce, Baidu and Ebay will bring users new and fun user experiences. With ongoing collaboration on solid programs, the joint branding relationship will grow even deeper.



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