Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baidu Took More Than Half Of Search Market

According to the latest report from top Chinese consulting firm Analysys, the total search market in the second quarter reached 376 million yuan.

Excluding channel fees, Baidu earned 189 million yuan. Baidu's market share jumped over 50%. Baidu's share was 50.3%, up from 43.9% from first quarter.

Google also gained shares. In the second quarter, Google's share was 16.2%, up from first quarter's 13.2%.

Yahoo continued to lose shares in China. Yahoo's second quarter market share was only 15.7%, down from 21.3%. Yahoo was dominant player in China only three quarters ago.

Fig from Analysys showes search market revenue from all the search engines in China. All figures are in 100 million yuan( or $12.5 million Dollar unit)


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