Friday, October 20, 2006

Baidu builds 4th generation search engine

The hugely successful 3rd generation search engine Baidu, is actively building 4th generation search technology, revealed by it's CEO Robin Li yesterday. Baidu is actively exploring social search to meet the internet's need for next generation search technology, that is social search.

Li indicated that, in the next few years, the trend of socialized search will be more and more predominant. Internet search has gone three stages, the first one based on appearing frequencies of keywords; the second one using "super link analysis" technology and the third stage is dominated by sponsored search ranking and it is where Baidu is positioned currently.

As the need of information surges, there is increasing demand for user involvement. Socialization is the best way to meet this demand. Baidu is actively pursue the idea and development. The announced products of,, and are the testing ground for this developing trend of communities. Baidu is increasing it's commitment in this area to maintain it's leadership position in the industry.



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