Monday, October 23, 2006

Google Penalized Alibaba

Update. Rankings of some subdomains and webpages from Alibaba were lowered by Google recently. Google search is no longer "Alibaba inside".

Before Google, Baidu has penalized Alibaba. This time, Google used different degree and means by lowering ranks of some of Alibaba's domains and their pages. For example, and used to be the best performing search rankings and now lowered by Google. Previously, Baidu removed these two subdomains from their search result.

After lowering the ranks, though still indexed by Google, they are no longer ranking well in search results. For example, if you search some keyword such as "y-style filter", you can no longer find Alibaba's result in the first page. Previously, Alibaba was absolutely always number one.

Reasonable explanation from seo field is that those sub domains are placed in Sandbox. For major website like Alibaba, it is unlikely the adjustments have been done by machine. Connecting with the crazy fact that tens of thousands of Alibaba pages are clogging almost 30% of Google's first page results, human involvement from Google is more likely.

A few days ago, the author has questioned some of the SEO work of Alibaba's pages: "Such search quality has severely affected user experience, and threatening normal use and survival of search engines. It is not the question whether because Alibaba's CTO was from Yahoo and very skilled in search technology or because they are often crossing the lines. It is the question how long Google can tolerate this situation".

Now, facts proved once again, there is limit how much Google will tolerate. "Any behavior that severely affects user search experience and normal use and survival of search engine will ultimate be abandon or punished". This event should be a big warning for many large scale websites.

by Shitou


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