Wednesday, December 13, 2006

iResearch Release October Market Share Data

Dec 14 - iResearch formally published iUserTracker and have recruited over 20 thousand web users. The users installed iUserTracker and having their search behaviors followed by iResearch in exchange for a fee.

After screening and analysis, iResearch announced their survey yesterday.

Coverage of search engine: In October, 2006, there were 99.7 million people in China used search engine from home and at work. Baidu led by 88.4% and followed by Google with 53.0%. Yahoo ranked third at 35.0%.

In the month of October, Chinese made 3.01 billion visits to search engine sites. Baidu led by 63.7% of market share. and combined with 19.2%.

From July to October, Baidu's share gained steadly from 60.1% to 63.7%. Google's shares were virtually flat at 19%. The rest all have lost shares more or less.

From August to October, 2006, Chinese made 13.469 billion keyword queries. Baidu's leading was even more significant at 69%. Google came in at only 14% and lower than it's search market share of 19%. One explanation given here is that Chinese users are search more keywords now from each search engine visit.

From news.ccidnet


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