Sunday, August 05, 2007

Google's Chinese News Traffic Jumps In The First Half

iResearch released new data from it's iUserTracker for June, 2007.

Among all major Chinese news search services, Baidu ranked number one with 69.3% coverage follwed by Sogou(Sohu's) and Google with 16.4% and 13.3% respectively. Netease came in at fourth with 11.7%.

(image from ITBEAR, green line indicate data fro Baidu, blue line for Google, and yellow line for Sogou)

Look at the trends, Baidu continue to dominant. Baidu has been well received among Chinese internet users and become the first choice for most Chinese looking for news.

Google's news coverage has seen significant increase in the first half. It's traffic increased from only 4.5% in January to 13.3% in June, gaining nearly 9% of traffic shares. The collaboration with Sina and other major portals has played important roles. Combining with with, Google's Chinese news service would be ranked number two in China.

It's also noteworthy for Sohu's Sogou service. During the first four months, it's performance has been flat. Since May, the traffic share of Sogou started to take off. Especially, it's share jumped in June to 16.4%, up 6.3% from May.

From the report in Chinese.


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