Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Robin Li: Go International

Aug. 9, 2007 Beijing.

In a keynote at the Baidu World Forum 2007, Baidu's chairman and CEO Robin Li pointed out, there is no other choice but expand worldwide.

"From the fundamental point of view, a business should not have a national border. When you reach certain stage, it is a must to go international." Li said. Although domestically, you can have certain covers under protective policies. As the market continue towards openness, especially entering WTO, businesses will have to face a more open and free market economy. There will be no difference whether you are an international or non-international business.

He also said that, Baidu has achieved certain success in the last seven years. Now, "we must go out. If not, sooner or later, we will likely lose the Chinese market too."

Li indicated that, if a business can do a super job in one market, but so so in other markets, it only indicate the unhealthiness of the business. "for any business, there is no other choice but to go international".

from report (in Chinese)


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