Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy Moon Festival

From Google's logo to mind of localization

Today is moon festival - "Grand Old" Chinese traditional holiday! Many people even call the Moon Festival and Spring Festival as China Festivals because they are the most touching moments of the year.

Though I have not cared too much about holidays since I was young, I am always curious to look around to see how these web sites doing during holidays. To make it simple, I want to see whether their logos have any feeling of holidays.

Surfed around\\, nothing has changed. It's pretty normal though because most of the portals only change their look on Spring Festival in the past. Nothing unusual here.

Then what I care the most are the major search engines.
The above is Google's logo
This one is from Sogou
And this is from Zhongsou
Come to TechWeb, "Tiger" is indeed smarter than others, the logo has been changed early and full of holiday tastes, Thumb up!

The others: Baidu, IASK, Yishou have not changed their logos.

Here I have to praise Google for their "mind of local". As a foreign company, I think it is essential to give local people a feeling of touch and passion. Whatever you do the rest is next, neither to say Google has done very well in many aspects as a tech-starter. The fact that they pushed out the product recently explained it all.

What happened at Baidu then? It's on Sunday, so nobody at work? Or there is no need to make the change at all? Maybe Baidu thinks they do want to appease people by superficial vision? Perhaps because they have already landed on Nasdaq and became a son-in-law of foreigners, there is no more need to care about own parents? Nobody knows the answer. Though it isn't such a big deal, but it left many questions.

We don't have to talk about Yisou. It's alien stuff. Who cares? Although Yahoo.China has married Yun Ma(ceo of Alibaba), Yun Ma himself, and his compay, is not much a pure "Chinese Man" anyway.

IASK, a product from It's normal not to switch here. Nothing to talk about . . .

More or less, I just want to say final words: I take control of my hometurf, but whose hometurf is the Chinese market?

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