Sunday, October 16, 2005

Baidu Breaks Down "Information Cocoon"

Recently, Baidu successfully brought Yunnan Provincial Government's website online with its Wangshitong(WST) series software tools. "China Yunnan" formally started site search, vertical search, indexing as well as automatic classification and content publication.

"China Yunnan"( is the electronic governing site of Yunnan Provincial Government. It is also the first phase of the construction of electronic governing business of Yunnan Provincial Government. Currently, "China Yunnan" has gone through formal testing and certification. It has formed a united, complete, and secure electronic governing network. 

Government is the biggest information owner and the biggest IT user in China. Using informaiton technologies more efficiently through an effective, flexible electronic governing business system, can help move governing towards a goal of quicker, simpler, cleaner, and higher efficiency. Electronic governing can help government reach the four goals: united information, business automation, openess in governing, and scientific management. Through one-stop management and service, it will elevate the functions of government, increase efficiency and better serve the people.

Baidu's WST enterprise softwares solves the "information island" syndrome of government. The information isolation is a major problem facing the electronic governing business. Each government department has it's own information system. Besides simple links, they do not share information and data between each other. Baidu's ability of vertical search sovles the problem. Through vertical search, it is easy to find information from lower level departments as well as related website information. For example, when a user search "China Yunnan" website, not only information within the website can be found, but also the information from all the departments as well as the sixteen county governments can be found. (don't know if we can do this in California or other parts of the US?)

The successful implimentation with Yunnan Provincial Government certainly will help the progress of the construction of Yunnan's Governmental web portal. It will make the web portal more authoritative and reliable and be more useful for the people. 

Baidu is world's largest Chinese search provider and expert of Chinese information management. Taking this advantage, Baidu is helping both businesses and governments with it's WST enterprise softwares to realize large scale instant information access and language management. It will help government to efficiently access and use information and fundamentally change the user experiences. It will also increase governing efficiency, move away from the "image engineering" to "efficiency engineering". So far, besides Yunnan, Jilin, Zhejiang, Anhui provinces and Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, and Qingdao city governments with nearly one hundred functional departments have implimented Baidu's WST series.

source: Sina Tech


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