Monday, October 31, 2005

Netease Started Campus Recruiting

Netease started it's 2006 campus recruiting effort.

The company is on a recruiting tour of 12 cities with visits to 15 top ranked colleges in China. The company is on a path of strong profit growth from it's online gaming services.

The company has been very successful in the two XY games that often attracts over one half of one million players at the same time. The company makes the majority of it's profit by charging players' online playing time.

Many players are addicted to online games in China. A mother once stood up in a crowded audiences and said she wanted to shoot William Ding, who is the founder and now the Chief Architect of Netease, because she could not find her son in a few days after he went to play online games with friends day and night.

The government is now trying to enforce a 3-hr limit on contineous online playing time. However, most observers think such limit will unlikely to dent the enthusasm of these players and will not be effective at all.

According to Netease, the company is looking to recruit about 100 college graduates in the fields of IT, marketing, strategic planning as well as art.

The online gaming has jumped 4 fold last year and the competition is heating up. To keep it up, Netease is looking for college tallents to aid it's development effort in online gaming services.



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