Monday, October 24, 2005

Netease to report earnings on Nov 7 Third Quarter 2005 Announcement Conference Call 7:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday November 7,2005 (Beijing/Hong Kong Time: at 8:00 am on November 8,2005
Link to the Webcast

Netease expected to report great earnings.

During the quarter, the two online games DHXY II and MHXY were doing SUPER good. As a measurement of success, they have reported broken neck speed of record settings for live online gatherings. First in 500 thousands, then 600 thouands, later 800 thousands, and as late as October 23 on MHXY with over 900,000 players joined online at the same time.

The registered users of MHXY is also surpassed 52 million.

Both games ranked top ten in the latest ChinaJoy voting results which will be announced in two days. MHXY won awards from three different categories. Regrettably, Netease's next big hit "Datang" missed the "top ten most expected games" award.

The tremendous popularity of the two games should be proved to be huge profit makers for Netease in the last quarter.

Looking forward, the online gaming industry is facing some challenge though. Notably the 3hr restriction on continous playing time could limit the online playing time which is directly connected to how online game's revenue is generated currently.


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