Saturday, October 22, 2005

Baidu's CEO Voted Number One

China's Top IT Businessman Of The Year For 2005

The year 2005 is an earth shattering year for China's IT industry.

It is a year that China has moved from a large information country to a strong information country. It is a year that IT companies are searching in multi-dimensional ways for competitive strength and profitability. It is also a year people are choosing reasonable means on solid ground rather rushing and directionless moves. More importantly, it is a big year of tallent show.

After planing and working for over a month, involving sampling, screening, recommending candidates, and expert selections, the third annual "Business Times Top IT Businessman of The Year" selection was finally revealed.

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Top ten IT businessman(two females among them) were selected. Baidu's Hongyan Li has been voted number one.
Qulifications: Founded Baidu and led it's IPO on Nasdaq on Aug. 5. Baidu's IPO broke record for single day appreciation of all foreign stocks in the US market's 213-year history. Sharply focused on Chinese search, Li has ascended to the brightest star of China's IT industry.

Focus is what he differs from others. That have led him to the invention of ESP search technology and it's integration into Infoseek/'s search engine. His focus also led the solution of ranking based on web page quality and relevancy. That focus also helped him design's image search, bid ranking, and the leading MP3 search technology. His focus is also helping Baidu in wining in world's second largest market, China's internet market by beating Google by more than 10 percentage points in market shares.

The 37 year old Li does not have complicated resume. He graduated in 1991 from Peking University majoring in information management. Later he went to the US for graduate study and worked for several multi-national companies in the US. Many years effort finally paid off for today's Baidu.


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