Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shanda goes for supergirl?

It is reported that Shanda is in discussion with Supergirl Bronze winner Liangying Zhang. Shanda intended to invite the Supergirl as a representative for one of Shanda' online game.
Right now, the Super girls are super hot in China. They are eclipsing all the movie stars. It is rumored that Liangying may represent the yet to be released but already popular Shanda's next major game "Dragon And the Underground City - Online".
Though only came is as second runner-up, Zhang is very popular for her beauty and lovely smile. Even NBA superstar Yao Ming, who was named the "world's tallest fan of Liangying", grabbed a "rebound" to present her a NBA shirt with his signature.

Since the deal is in final stage of negotiation of details, the signing of Zhang could boost Shanda's game sales in the coming holiday season


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