Monday, October 31, 2005

Supergirl Fans Gathers at Baidu

We have heard that "Supergirls" are hot at, but did not expect to see them this hot.

Supregirls are blanketed the top five stars on Baidu's bulletin board and they takes eight seats of the top twenty. Who cares Jackie Chen(ranked 88) or Zhiyi Zhang(ranked 167) these days?

The best part of is "build what you want, talk what you think". Joining other fans to share your thought on your idol. Not bother by others, chat with friend and just enjoy your "own feelings". Maybe because this is a "self enjoyment" field, it has become a best place for the "sing what you want to sing" Supergirls.

We saw many long boards with short postings with fans just want to push up the rankings of their board to attract more friends in for their idols.

The "Queen" board of the Baidu's bulletin boards is unqestionably the "Yuchun Li" board. The kid is hot here. Baidu's Yuchun Li board is becoming the hottest place in China besides Hunan TV station, Supergirl Sound, Tianyu Music, and Taihe Maitian who had jointly held the contest. It is in this place where all the "corns"(Li's fans) gethers, communicate, and "guard" their idol. It is also here the fans are posting "DDDD" to push the rankings of their board up. We see a huge Broadway here where stars are rising on popular waves.

In this super hot "cornfield", the hottest spot is the board named "corns who thinking about Yuchun, talk to us what's in your heart". The board started on Aug. 29 when Yuchun had won Supergirl already. The founder has followed the common style of by maintaining only one board. The place suddenly become the most popular place with many postings from "corns" who are expressing their feelings for their idol. Perhaps they are feeling the Supergirl will be further and further away from them, their postings often filled with deep love and sadness. "The only thing corn wants is a smile of Yuchun" is a very common theme of their postings. Many postings are attached with pictures, video clips, and ringtongs. The board has become a "Yuchun Biography". The board has seen 430,000 visits, over one thousand pages, and over 60,000 replies and it's still growing. Here we are seeing the power of the "corns".

No need to go any further, you can imaging the crowd and contents in other "Supregirl" boards. These are images of popular entertainments with popular idols. is perfect in timing to provide this interactive, self-entertaining ground for the people. Inside the popularity of this place is the hope of "self choice" deep inside our heart.

by Chunshui Yiren


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