Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Supergirl on board, Baidu explores new MP3

Recently, what the net users in China care the most is the IP dispute surrounding the MP3 search. Last couple of days, we are seeing some lights. Yesterday, we have found out Baidu has reached agreement with TR Music company(The largest music labeling company in China) which just signed up Supergirl winner Yuchun Li. TR Music becomes the first music company that has publicly joined Baidu's music alliance. It signals a big crack in the united battlefront of music companies against Baidu's MP3 search service. After agreement with HURRAY and TR Music, Baidu's new MP3 search model is finally came out on stage from behind the curtain.

(A separate Chinese report quoted Baidu sources that over twenty companies have signed up music alliance with Baidu)

Music companies create content, service providers collect payment

Yesterday, we tried to reach Baidu's vice-president Dong Liang for comment but was politely declined. However, we have found from reliable sources inside the companies that though the details are to be carved out, one thing is certain, TR Music's contents including Supergirl winner, Yuchun Li, all the artist under TR Music and all the records owned by TR Music will be available on Baidu. At the same time, Baidu will provide all the services including bulletin board(post.baidu), Baidu's hall of fame, image search and the recently announced "Baidu Knows" and will integrate them into "Baidu Music Alliance" platform to promote TR Music's artists and their music products.

TR Music is also the first music company that openly joined Baidu's alliance. One high level excutive from a music company who wished to remain annonymous told us that, combining the contents from the music companies, Baidu's free search that attracts music lovers, and a payment system through wireless service providers, a clear line of businesses is taking shape.

Peng Xu from Chengdu Economic Daily


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