Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Baidu Won Exclusive Web Sponsorship, Push "Supergirl" Frenzy Across China

Beijing June 7

Yesterday, many "supergirl" fans may have noticed that, the web partner for Hunan TV's Super Girl event has shown up on the screen and it is Baidu. Baidu has promised to establish bulletin boards for each of the top ten finishers and will hold promotional activities. Baidu is the exclusive partner on the web for this year's Super Girl event. Baidu has moved to the front line for the "Supergirl" contest on the web this year from behind the scene last year.

In 2005, Baidu luckily picked some falling fruits. Though not a former partner for Super Girl, Baidu became the real king only without the crown on the web. In the last moment of contest between the three super girls, Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, and Zhang Liangying, daily visits surpassed 3.5 million to the "Supergirl" bulletin boards on Baidu. Over 2 million messages were posted. Every post can have hundreds or thousands of following posts. A new post can be buried in a few minutes even with "ten people's effort to push the post back to top".

Right after the bulletin board frenzy, the Sixth Pepsi Music Contest invited Baidu to jointly promote brands. According to related data, the number of quality posts on Baidu's bulletin board was equivalent to the total number of posts in all the Chinese web communities combined. In less than two month, fans participating in the Pepsi Music contest had contributed over tens of millions of valuable contents. Some posts had received over tens millions views and tens of million of following responses.

The magnitude of the visits is probably the main power that have pushed Super Girl and other events to dump other large portals, and turn to Baidu for partnership.

This year, Baidu's "Supergirl" bulletin boards continue to be superhot. So far, there are already over one thousand boards related to Super Girl event with over 60 million messages posted. The formally teaming up of Supergirl sponsor Hunan TV with Baidu will provide web users fast and reliable news and interactive participation. It will also provide multi-dimensional "Supergirl" experience for the fans. At the same time, Baidu indicated that the autonomous management style will continue for all the bulletin boards. Net users will own the bulletin boards without Baidu's interference on contents.

Experts say that the connection of Supergirl with "Baidu Bulletin boards" is not only a simple relationship between content and platform, but also a sharing of a common nature - that is interactivity. "Baidu Bulletin" is a free space to best express personal feelings. On "Baidu Bulletin", people can most satisfy their desire of expression: Only when your expression is well received, there will be many to listen and follow.

Source: Baidu


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