Friday, June 02, 2006

What does this mean?

A picture worth a thousand words!

1. Taiyuan Mainland China

2. Hohhot Mainland China

3. Shijiazhuang Mainland China

4. Luoyang Mainland China

5. Changchun Mainland China

6. Harbin Mainland China

7. Shenyang Mainland China

8. Jinan Mainland China

9. Zhengzhou Mainland China

10. Xian Mainland China

Beautiful picture shows a strong trend.

What trend? If you wonder, this clearly shows a large crowd in China are moving either away from Google to Baidu, or at least to use Baidu as alternative choice when they are not satisfied by Google's result. Simply put, people search Baidu on Google are not looking anything about Baidu, but to search further using Baidu search engine !

Baidu prospers on their own. They deserve full credit for creating the best Chinese search engine. Google is in denial by saying people move to Baidu because Google is less accessible.


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