Monday, September 17, 2007

Baidu Market Share Broke 70% Mark In Beijing

According to Chinabyte report, CIC has published 2007 Chinese search market survey result.

Comparing to one year ago, Baidu continues to gain market share in BSG, the three largest cities in China: B(Beijing), S(Shanghai), and G(Guangzhou). Google's market share in BSG has bottomed and rebounded slightly. Yahoo and Sogou's shares dropped further.

Famous web analyst, founder and chief-analyst of CIC, Bowang Lu led the design of the survey as well as writing the summary report. He thinks there are a couple of surprises in the survey result. One is that Baidu's market share has broke the 70% mark. The high ratio was really a surprise. The other surprise was Sohu's share drop(considering Sohu's exclusive sponsorship of Beijing Olympic Games).

Defined as first choice of search engine, Baidu's share was 69.5% in BSG markets. Google/Guge combined for 23%. The market are further concentrated into the top players.

Baidu's market share in Beijing and Guangzhou grew faster accompany with a slight drop in Shanghai. Lu thinks it may indicate that Google gained against Baidu among Shanghai users.

Though Google's share dropped 1.1% from a year ago. But it was actually up 1.4% from six months ago, indicating a rebound for Google's share.

The main source of new users of Google are coming from students. Baidu's share in high end users passed further over Google and the gap has expanded.

More than half of users had positive comments on Google's improvement


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