Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baidu Enters C2C Market

Oct. 18, Baidu formally announced plan to enter the e-commerce market. Baidu will start from C2C, and intends to build a "largest scale online personal trading platform in the Chinese internet".
Baidu's announcement suddenly pushed the C2C online commerce into a four horse race between Taobao(Alibaba), Eachnet(Ebay), QQ, and Baidu.

Head of consulting firm of iResearch, Yang Weiqing said of the situation:"Baidu's opening of the C2C platform is a major milestone for Chinese e-commerce business. The landscape of the online market will be changed soon".

"Baidu owns the huge and detailed user database. It will provide the solid foundation for their entering the C2C market. Online e-commerce is a major development trend for the future. Baidu will gain their relevant market position in the future online e-commerce field." He said.



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