Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baidu Launches Olympic Channel, Goes After The "Big Cake"

Sept. 20, Beijing - Baidu held a press conference today at the Shangri-la Hotel and formally launched Baidu's Olympic strategy -"Baidu 2008 Story". The new interactive platform for the Olympic Games will be channeled at ( Representatives from several Olympic sponsors, such as Samsung, Yili, and China Airlines attended the ceremony.

It is learned that search traffic directing, interactive communities and user behaviors data analysis for the Olympic Games will be the major features of "Baidu 2008 Story" that distinguishes it from Olympic strategies from other media outlets. Head of Baidu's Olympic platform, Wang Xiao said: "We will utilize the world's leading Chinese search technology, to guide the hundreds of millions of Olympic-related inquiries daily to the best Web sites that users want. This will not only promote an environment of efficiency and fairness for the Olympic media coverage, it can also greatly highlight the authoritative nature of Baidu as a new media. "

Prior to this, Sina, Sohu, and Tencent have already released their individual Olympic strategies. Industry analysts think that by releasing it's strategy now, there is no doubt that Baidu is going after the enormous commercial potential of the Olympic Games. Also yesterday, Baidu has quietly launched it's online game channel. Baidu's determination to go after the two "big cakes" of online advertising will unquestionably make a huge impact to the entire Internet advertising industry.

At the same time, Baidu also released a statistical report on Olympic-related internet users behavior. Baidu will continue to release updated statistics report on Olympic related communities, and hopes to be able to attract more brand advertisers.

reported by ccidnet(in Chinese).


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