Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baidu Officially Launch Online Gaming Channel

September 19, Baidu today officially announced its online gaming channel at game.baidu.com.

Based on Baidu's leading search technology platform and strong community services, the most notable characteristics of the service will be the combination of search for professional gaming resouces and the player communities.

"Search for gaming resouces can reach many contents such as fighting strategies, game-related news, and notes associated with the games, it can even find parameters for specific game equipments and user information. After landing on Baidu's gaming channel, players will find Baidu can provide all relevant information with the best coverage, the most accurate and also the fastest. This is typical of Baidu's products. " Head of Baidu's games channel, Chen Feng said.

Built on top of search for gaming resources, Baidu will also bring the experiences of building communities into the games channel. "Players can register freely and publish games related articles and comments. We plan to provide guidance through a variety of mechanisms, gradually to make all the contents user-generated, similar to post.baidu(bulletin board) and zhidao.baidu(answers) services. "He said.

Since Baidu covers the majority of Chinese internet users, especially young internet users, many Baidu users are also online game players. Baidu games channel could become important entry point for major gaming companies to attract new users, and so far it has already drawn great attention from domestic online gaming industry. "The emergence of Baidu games channel provides access to a variety of information and exchange of experiences among players. It displays the colorful entertainment world of online games in front of us in reality. It is a good thing for every players. " Chairman of Shanghai ZTgames, Si Yuzhu said.

Chen Tianqiao , Chairman of Shanda, the largest online gaming operator in China, indicated that, with Baidu's powerful technology platform and great influence, the gaming service could have big and far-reaching impact on China's online gaming industry.

It is learned that a number of leading domestic online game producers have reached long term deals on content sharing and traffic redirecting. In 2006, China's online game market has reached 7.8 billion yuan. Gaming resources as well as community building has become new focus for the growth of the online gaming industry.

Reported by Wang chuan from ccidnet(in Chinese).


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