Sunday, October 16, 2005

Update on Baidu Watch

10/16/05 Baidu is benefiting from the successful launch and return of the second space travel of Chinese astronauts. We have seen a huge surge in Baidu's traffic during last few days that firmly placed Baidu as the fourth busiest website in the world.

10/16/05 A net user did an interesting comparison between Baidu and Google. He searched the hottest word at the moment in China, "astronauts". What he found is that:

The top four results from Baidu are all from today's news and related to the recent space trip.

The number one result from Google was about the astronaut who made the first trip two years ago. The news is in fact two years old.

The second one was introduction to the current two astronauts, one day old.

The third one was about the space food for the current trip, but one year old.

The fourth one was about space training system, one day old.

No items found from Google dated today.

BTW, Yahoo's Yisou resulted first item that was from a report before the first trip and infact more than two years old.

CNNIC's survey has found the number one surfing destination of Chinese net users is NEWS!

Two thumbs up, Baidu!

Q: How dose Baidu make money?
A: "Adwords" and "Adsense". After Baidu started service similar to "Overture" two years ago, Baidu also started a service similar to "Adsense" in August. There are already quite many of those ads are poping up in many Chinese web pages.

Additional Data:
Baidu serves over 100 million search queries every day.
There are over 70,000 Chinese net users are signing up Baidu as home page.


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