Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More on IBM Teaming Up with Baidu

More details on IBM teaming up with Baidu on enterprise search from eNet.com.cn

Head of IBM China Research Lab, S Li said that the integration of Baidu's DesktopSearch with Lotus Notes can greatly enhance user experience. They will jointly help increase the efficiency of information management and internal collaborations for businesses, "increase productivity for businesses and their employees".

Baidu's CTO J Liu indicated that this is a teaming up between two powerful players. Baidu's leading desktop search technology and IBM's powerful business information management, "will provide business users with faster and more convenient way to obtain information, promote internal sharing of information and coordination. Baidu will spread the use of desktop search from PC users to Lotus Notes users and reach the business market with tens of million of users.

Also reported, the joining effort between IBM and Baidu will also include the co-promotion of UIMA open standard. They will introduce the development updates on the application of UIMA within IBM and in businesses, US government as well as academic areas, and case studies on application of UIMA for document analysis engines.

General manager of IBM's high performance on demand solutions (HiPods) Y Wang added, "IBM China Research Lab and HiPods will provide technical support for related jointly developed products to bring innovations using powerful research and development resources, and to promote application of search technology in China's businesses."

He also said that, the joint effort will be "strategic" instead of limited to technological aspect. There will be "many many" oppertunities of collaboration between IBM and Baidu in the future.


The chosen of Baidu instead of Google for desktop search in Chinese is a big vindication for Baidu's Chinese search engine. This teaming up with IBM is a more significant development for Baidu than the Baidu-Intel relationship.


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