Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Google's Kai-Fu Li Apoligizes to CCTV but not Baidu

Google's Kai-Fu Li apologized to CCTV today in a letter addressing the storm caused by an internal promotional video.

"That's not the thing we should do and it violated Google's business culture". Li wrote in his letter to CCTV. In the widely spread video, Google employees imitated CCTV's news program, repeately using "one center, two principles", "CCP", "State Council", "Red Sun" to label themselves. "This might have hurt the feelings of the Chinese people" Li apologized in the letter.

Li admitted the video is indeed made by Google for the Spring Festival. The manuscript was written entirely by one front desk employee but many staff from both Beijing and Shanghai as well as channel resellers participated. "it was intended to have some fun internally, but unfortunately it has been leaked out so many months later. We totally unexpected this." Li said.

In April, Google apologized for copying Sohu's dictionary and rumored to have angered the US headquarter. Only months later, here is another apologizing letter. People may start to wonder about Google's ethics and their public responsiveness. Google's China journey is getting harder.

From report by Ren Zhong(in Chinese)

Add: Most Chinese internet users are getting used to these kind of videos and seem to understand the humor and take it lightly though.

Baidu simply said that the video "wasn't that good".

Kai-Fu Li actually appeared in the video. Most part of the video use many slogans to label Google employees "righteous" communist and repeated label Baidu as "many poisons"(sound like).

Part of the video now found it's way to Youtube, have fun watching those stiff Google communists :)

Baidu started the video game with this one:


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