Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chibi Delayed, But Perfect World Is Already On Fire

Perfect World's next big game is called Chibi or the Red Cliff. It is based on an ancient story. During the times of the Three Kingdoms, the two weaker Kingdoms joined hands and set a huge fire which burned almost all the ships from then dominant Central Kingdom, Wei. The strategic victory set all the three Kingdoms on equal footing and the beginning of the Three Kingdoms era.

The Chibi game is delayed due to the delay of the movie named Red Cliff. However, Perfect World is already on fire.

In the just announced earning report, PWRD reported a 65% jump in revenue over last quarter. It is an astonishing 14 times over the third quarter last year.

Comparing the two different picutures presented by Netease and Perfect World, it is very convincing that the model pioneered by Giant Interactive and Shanda which charges for virtual items while offering games for free is working very well in China.

The powerful 3D engine and the beautiful scenes created by Perfect World are attracting millions of fans in China. Three of the four games from Perfect World have less than a full year operating history. The future is very bright for this online gaming company.


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