Thursday, November 29, 2007

King of the Middle Kingdom

In just released survey of "2007 third quarter search market in China" from iResearch, China has become the largest search market in the world.

In September, Chinese internet users queried search engine 10 billion times, surpassing the amount of searches done in the US in the same period.

Baidu has become undisputed search king in China with more than 73% market share. In the last quarter, over 80% of increased search traffic came from searches on Baidu.


Blogger at said...

I know your site is very credible,
but can you post a link so we could
see the summary? In particular,
which cities the survey covers.
Baidu does even better in tier-2
and smaller towns.

Thanks for the good work. It is
hard to get accurate info on China
these days - so many reputed sites
picked up the totally fake 'Google
acquires Baidu' story.

8:20 AM  
Blogger maoxianjia said...

I'll get one translated when details are out

4:39 PM  

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