Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Leaked: Unicom Will Introduce iPhones to China

Sept 24, 2008, at today's opening ceremony of Chinese Internet Conference, China Unicom who has already won 3G licence, demonstrated wCDMA network in Nanjing for the first time.

Following the spin of it's CDMA network to China Telecom, the wCDMA development will likely be sped up and could be in operation as early as the end of this year.

In China Unicom's leaked brochure, 3G iphone is listed as one of the wCDMA handset. Sources indicate that China Unicom is in further discussion to bring 3G iphone to the Chinese market by the end of the year.

linked Chinese article


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Will it be the iPhone 5 though? Calls to China from anything else once the iPhone is freely available will be a thing of the past... FaceTime anyone?

2:30 AM  
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