Monday, October 17, 2005

Shanda Releases EZ Pod

EZ Pod is Shanda's consumer terminal. It is a PC upgrade includes EZ Center broadband entertainment software package. It can quickly upgrade a personal computer to a "family all-function entertainement center".
EZ Pod may contain following components(depends on accessary types) that increases a user's entertainment experiences:

1. A compatible EZ Center remote control which controls the EZ Center. It can be used as compliment to keyboard and mouse. Some of them may include integrated game handles.

2. A remote IR transmitter which can communicate the remote control with a PC to provide easy management of EZ Center.

3. An EZ Center CD which includes broadband interactive entertainment software and all the necessary components.

4. A booklet of EZ Guide with informaiton of EZ series product and contents. It is a entertainment bible in a broadband family life.

Graphic description of EZ Pod

source: Shanda


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