Monday, October 17, 2005

Shanda Goes All Out with EZ Station

EZ Station designed for family users by Shanda. It is a new type entertainment terminal based on PC. It is not only a powerful high speed PC, but also an easily operated entertainment center. It equiped with powerful computing power and software required for rich digital entertainment.

EZ Station includes high end processor, large capacity hard disk, DVD drive, and a remote control. As long as a user can handle the simple steps of using a remote control, "easy entertainement, relaxed life, and happy learning" can be achieved through the EZ Center.

It supports all audio and video output.

It suppports DVI, VGA, S0VIDEO, RCA, etc many kinds of output frequencies and the high definition output of S/PDIF optic fibers.

It supports connections of all kinds of digital equipments.

It equiped with 6 USB 2.0 adapter, one 1394 high speed adapter and two-way microphone input.

It supports high definiiton video display with perfect quality.

It has all the powerful PC functions with high speed CPU, powerful 3D graphic display, extra large storage and supports DVD read-write.

It equiped with patented multi-functional remote control and innovative design with simple operations. It also contains timed lock and can be used as a game handle.

The EZ Station has rich content applications:

TV pause and digital recording, interactive video, healthy gaming, Kara OK. . . internal EZ Center software provides overall entertainment applications. (may be limited to certain product types).

Graphs showing outside look of EZ Station

source: Shanda Interactive


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