Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baidu's College Search Gains

Baidu's timely introduction of college search is gaining traction among high school seniors and their parents. The service which provides an standalone entry point is helping high school seniors to find information on a variety of colleges.

The college search(daxue.baidu.com) is in fact one of the offsprings in Baidu's education service(jiaoyu.baidu.com) family. Baidu's education search service has built a large index of educational related contents through special filtering techniques. The search results are more specific, more relevant with better user experiences.

Baidu's college search can limit search within a specific school's website which make it very practical for high school seniors to learn about the school and filing application forms.

In recent months, many of Baidu's new products are focus on usability instead of making headlines. For example, the "zipcode search", "government sites search", and the latest "educational site search" are all focusing on practical uses.

source : tech.qq.com


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